Tend to yourself in a creative way no one else can do but YOU.

You are invited to learn Intentional Creativity, a medicinal energetic style of art that is a potent antidote to life’s biggest challenges. This science driven art form focuses on using intention to break unwanted cycles allowing you a step closer to your truest Self and the Greater Good each time Intentional Creativity is practiced.

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What is Intentional Creativity?

Intentional Creativity is a healing and creative modality that uses art mediums as a tool to catalyze transformation. One way Intentional Creativity could be explained is “medicine painting”. Another way is “moving energy into matter” with a paint brush while dancing on the equal sign of Einstein’s equation E=MC2. There are many forms and methods of Intentional Creativity. From a linage passed down from hand to hand, Intentional Creativity includes tools, methods, and a-way-of-being that can repair fragmentations and traumas we all have experienced through life. 

About Cassandra Lee

“I love to paint, but even more I love experiencing and teaching Intentional Creativity. The deepest reason I desire to work with you and Intentional Creativity is because I want to help you remember who you were before the world got its hands on you. That is what this process has helped me with. Even though you may not realize it, we all experience fragmentations as we go through life. We all have moments and/or other people in our story that shaped our path, that threw us off our trajectory, sometimes even without noticing, got us further away from who we really want to be. My path to Intentional Creativity has lead me to you and I truly believe that is why you are here.” – Cassandra Lee

Student Testimonials

"These classes have done a ton for me already. On the surface level, they have introduced me to painting techniques that have fundamentally improved the way I approach painting. But deep down this has helped me as an artist in more ways than I could explain here.

I've learned to both ignore and embrace my inner critic depending on what I need in the moment. I've learned to be present for the process of creating art rather than focusing only on the finished product, and to just enjoy the journey.

And I've learned how therapeutic it can be to just let your mind flow out onto your canvas."

"I had the time of my life. My Teacher was so easy to understand. When I wasn't sure about something she was there to guide. I never painted before on Canvas. My family was in awe the couldn't believe I painted it. I learned so much. About brushes, taking care of them and paint. About color's about shades, shapes, light, dark, layer's. I learned so much about myself. Not to be scared, to trust the process, that there are no mistakes and that I'm a great painter. The price was a blessing it was my mother's day gift to myself. It was a very healing class. It felt so good emotionally on so many levels. My husband wants to buy me canvases. To create paint more. This class was life changing for me. My Teacher is definitely confident and Loves what she's doing. I want to do it again and not stop. I'am so grateful to be apart of it. It was so special to me. So much Love and so much fun! "

"I am an artist and teacher myself, and I got so much out of this class! I think it’s an excellent way to blend creativity and therapy with beautiful results. I really enjoyed the poetry shares, putting various energy into the canvas before any paint, and the techniques that built beautifully to have a completed work of art ready to take home. I feel like I moved a lot of creative, personal, and spiritual blockages from my body. There was plenty of learning, moving, and journaling which had me engaged from the start to finish. I would say this class is very well designed and I would highly recommend! Cassandra did a wonderful job leading everyone along while having a light hearted spirit. "

Choose a path and create space for yourself.