Even though we may not realize it, we all experience fragmentations as we go through life. We all have moments and/or other people in our story that shaped our path, that threw us off our trajectory, got us further away from who we really want to be.

The deepest reason I work with you and Intentional Creativity is because I want to help you remember who you were before the world got its hands on you. From there, once you understand yourself better, you can be less tied to your critical bullshit loops, and truly move into helping the greater world. I am called to support and guide you to feel you have removed creative blocks, to feel you are creative, to feel you have creativity to turn to at any time, to feel you can be more in co-creation with your artwork, your life work, your most soulful work.

I teach those of you who are called to Intentional Creativity. Those who call themselves artists, but also those of you who do not call yourself an artist, and those of you who have a hard time calling yourself an artist, and those of you who don’t even feel you are creative, and those of you who feel to have lost touch with creativity.

I do this by handing you a huge paintbrush and teaching you how to follow it where it needs you to go. I will give you a pen for you to learn how to embody your own authorship, to write your own story of creativity, of co-creation, of BEING! I am here to share the teachings of Intentional creativity in a sacred container with you.

The results you get from working with me include more freedom. Freedom from the groves we all tend to get so set in! Freedom in your own creative practices as you gain a better understanding of who is now governing your decisions, not only in art, but also in your relationships, in your work, and ultimately in every aspect of your life.

What I love seeing most when I do this work is the deepest change that happens for my students. I witness a regurgitation of their paintings, like a portal or a mirror of their life, in which they can help themselves navigate through their own lives, to have a place of reference when things feel out of hand. It is one of the most potent witnessings to share with another human being.

I help teach you how you can find your truest self to be in a relationship with your inner and outer surroundings. I can explain how to call out the Critic and cue your Muse. I want to help you follow that funny tingle that comes when you get a creative idea for a home project, a new recipe, a piece of art, a hug, or a kiss, and how to act on it. I want to share how you can access your Muse whenever you choose. I want to share my creative process as a ritual and spiritual practice with you.

For so long, I did not realize parts of my life were leaving me feeling depressed, unmotivated, and ultimately not creative at all. It wasn’t until I forged a vessel using some paint and my own imagination that I had a shift. I was led through the Intentional Creativity method to paint a perfume bottle that represents my perfume of life. It made me realize I can create my own healing and permeate myself in that energy. It actually brought me to finally start going to talk therapy and seek out medical attention I had been denying myself for too long.

Before the Red Thread led me to Intentional Creativity, I was a graphic designer and web designer and website host for clients all over the US and parts of Canada. This career has taught me so many valuable skills I use today to reach my beloved students and fuel my own business. I now meld my past career and current endeavor as an Intentional Creativity Teacher to offer design, consulting, and branding services to artists and certified Intentional Creativity practitioners.

When I am not teaching or painting, I love to be outside, with my partner, and my dog, exploring and inquiring about the world around us, usually through a camera lens, making art out of everything just by being the observer of it. I also love to experience wonderful food and all types of live music with loved ones old and new. I love yoga and my ‘painter-posture’ needs me to do more of it!

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