What is Intentional Creativity?

Intentional Creativity is a healing and creative modality that uses art mediums as a tool to interject into the loops the critical mind gets stuck in. This tool will set your truest voice free by gaining access to your hidden self. The self you have known is inside of you, that desires to be expressed.

This science driven art form focuses on using intention to break the quantum cascade allowing you a step closer to homeostasis each time Intentional Creativity is practiced. You do this by simply creating with intention, and as you do so, you are moving energy into matter. That energy is transmuted into a matter based creation that reflects your work back to you. This creates a condition that rewires your thoughts and pathways from old constructs to self authorship.

This medicinal energetic style of art is a potent antidote to life’s biggest challenges by tending to yourself in a creative way that no one else can do but you!

How did I find Intentional Creativity?

When I found Intentional Creativity, I was craving something to expand my artistic horizons… like learning how to use watercolors or get more experience with acrylics or start weaving tapestry again. Even though I am a professional graphic designer, I wanted to connect back to the dream I had of being and becoming an artist using tangible mediums that I had long lost touch with. Also, I was desperately looking for some sort of life line. It was the end of 2020 that I began looking for something artfully joyful, which was during an incredibly hard time in life for me, and an incredibly hard time for the whole world. I am so thankful that among the deep depression and widespread grief, I knew somewhere deep down I needed to create more art. I wanted a deep dive into the waters of my own expression, there was something there I had been looking to uncover for my whole life. Unbelievably, it wasn’t long after I started my search that I actually did find a life changing creative experience! And believe it or not, through a Facebook Ad! However, what I found was so SO so much more than I could have ever imagined. The title on the Facebook Ad that read “Quantum Creativity” was advertised as a free virtual class. I scrolled by it a couple times before I decided to attend. I am so incredibly thankful that I did. I remember telling my partner, Drew, as he left for work “I have that Quantum Creativity thing today at 1pm… Not sure what will happen… this lady with a big hat will likely try to sell me something, but I dunno, I am just kinda really excited about it.” We both shrugged our shoulders, smiled/laughed, and parted ways. When the Quantum Creativity class started, I was a few minutes late. Which made me upset because suddenly this felt really important, but I didn’t know why. It turned out the live video was set up to start at the beginning whenever I tuned in so I actually didn’t miss anything. The Curator, Shiloh McCloud, looked into the camera and I felt like she looked right in my eyes and said something like “if you are late or not here with us in real time, you are with us in the quantum. You are where you are supposed to be.” I felt like all of me, including my tardiness, was welcome. As she went on to explain the legends of the Red Thread and the art practice called “Intentional Creativity”, I felt my whole body light up! Most of everything I had been asking for, and things I didn’t know I was asking for, were right in-front of me! The connection between the class instructors, Shiloh and her husband Jonathan, made me smile and laugh as I thought of the similar art/science/spirituality dynamic in my own relationship with Drew. They taught about the red thread and quantum connection, they explained “Intentional Creativity.” They honored the ancestors of the Intentional Creativity lineage: Caron McCloud, Shiloh’s Mother. Sue Hoya Sellars, Shiloh’s other Mother who had been taught Intentional Creativity by her guardian Lenore Thomas Struass, and Carmen Baraka, the community elder. Shiloh taught about metacognitive drawing, Jonathan taught about how I could create my own Musea (plural for Museum) in my own home, and they shared offerings to develop a creative practice as a daily ritual. Then they mentioned their certification programs. I thought “I could become certified to teach other people to do this!?” and I lit up. I had not even learned fully what “this” was, it just felt so needed, so important, and so in alignment. I was absolutely jazzed! Every morning since that day, when I wake up one of the first things I think about is my Red Thread connection calling me towards Intentional Creativity and I cannot believe it is real. Like, pinch me! It makes me feel as though this existence is a dream, I am making up my own reality, and Intentional Creativity is the wildland I live in that I can fly around and swim in with color and creativity. This surreal gift came to me just in the knick of time. I cannot imagine my life without all of this… If your interests are at all piqued, let me show you the way. We can sip on imagination and consume chunks of creativity in the Red Thread cafe together. My Intentional Creativity lineage story could become part of your story. You are welcome anytime and exactly as you are…

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